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Flexible adaptation of the design

Customized arrangement


Comprehensive investment service

From design to assembly


Complete furnishing of hotel interiors

Furniture, beds, welcome sets and more

Individual customer service

It doesn’t matter if you run a hotel or are an individual customer. We offer design and implementation services also for small, individual investments.

Hotel furniture

We specialize in furniture tailored to the needs and expectations of the customer, so in addition to catalog furniture, we also offer equipment created to measure as a modification of solids from our collection or made based on the client’s suggestions. We take a comprehensive approach to each order, and for the duration of implementation the customer becomes a full member of our team. Together we discuss the architectural concept of the object, create a design, and then proceed to its implementation. In our work we skillfully combine timeless style, aesthetics and ergonomics with the latest production techniques and high-end materials. As a result, we create equipment that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customer and hotel guest and play a fundamental role in building the company’s brand.

Hotel beds

Hotel beds are undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of equipment for all accommodations. First of all, they must meet the often dramatically different requirements of guests, so one of the most important criteria is the ease of customization. Understanding this, we have made sure that all the beds we offer can be freely and quickly combined or separated, and, if necessary, moved between rooms. However, understanding that practical considerations are not everything, we pay the same attention to aesthetics. We offer a wide selection of models with varying parameters, as well as a wide range of upholstery fabric colors. This approach is not only a guarantee of satisfied guests, but also of long, comfortable and, last but not least, trouble-free use.

Hotel equipment

We realize that hotel equipment must meet a number of the most restrictive requirements. It should be elegant, durable, comfortable to use, and at the same time it must be safe and have all the necessary certificates. Therefore, we do not recognize compromises in this subject. We only offer textiles, lighting, safes, closet hangers, sinks, faucets, dishwashers or welcome kits for guests that meet the strictest standards. Therefore, without wasting time on endless visits to many stores and wholesalers, the customer can purchase all the necessary equipment from us with confidence in their quality. In addition, a rich and thoughtfully selected assortment will facilitate the creation of a coherent arrangement that matches the nature of the facility, and if necessary, our professionals will suggest the best solutions in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

Other services

About the company

Faber is a company with a rich 27-year experience. Such a long time of presence on the market has resulted in a thorough knowledge of the industry, its needs and specifics. Consistent selection of available products and established cooperation gave us the opportunity to develop a comprehensive offer distinguished by both quality and competitive prices. We provide our clients with comprehensive services, including not only the supply of the equipment itself, but also the development of a project tailored to the expectations and specifics of the facility. What’s more, we have a qualified team of professionals, so we can offer fast, professional installation of the purchased equipment.

We believe that a guest should feel at home in the hotel. This will not only make him himself happy to return here, but also recommend it to others. With this in mind, we take care of not only the quality, technical parameters, certifications of all the equipment we offer, but also the interior atmosphere-building details, lamps, fabrics or pillows. And the best proof of our work are hundreds of completed projects at home and abroad and satisfied customers.

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