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Project support


Phase 1 - preliminary

2-3 weeks

1. Contact
2. Preliminary offer
3. Meeting and presentation
4. Preliminary agreement

Phase 2 - design

2 – 4 weeks

5. Measurements, consultations, design
6. Main agreement

Phase 3 - executive

6 – 8 weeks

7. Production

Phase 4 - Final

1 – 2 weeks

8. Transport
9. Assembly
10. Receipt

Phase 1


At the first contact, you will receive information materials about our company, products and services. After collecting basic information about the facility, your requirements and expectations, we will prepare an initial offer containing:

1. The initial design of the furniture layout for typical rooms in your facility.

2. Calculation of the agreed room equipment.

3. Pictures of the proposed furniture.

4. Description of optimal solutions.

5. The scope of work performed in the performance of the contract.

6. Possible forms and methods of financial settlement of equipment purchase.

7. Initial information on the time of contract performance.

If you find the offer attractive, we will be happy to meet you, preferably in your facility, to present you our potential, patterns and samples of available materials. The information obtained during the meeting will allow you to develop and send you a calculation of the equipment along with the design of the arrangement of furniture in typical rooms, taking into account our arrangements.

The scope of work presented so far is performed by our company free of charge.

Signing the preliminary contract for project implementation is a mutual declaration of the commencement of cooperation. It allows us to fully engage in work on a detailed study that is the basis for signing the main contract, while it ensures that the prices presented remain unchanged (the calculation is attached to the preliminary contract).



During the design phase, you can count on additional meetings at the facility. We recommend starting consultations at the stage of creating industry projects, e.g. electrical. Thanks to early cooperation, we avoid surprises when assembling furniture. There is no need to make costly modifications to the installation resulting from adapting them to the layout and dimensions of the furniture, and the entire room is characterized by well-thought-out functionality.

After taking the measurements of the rooms, we develop:

  • arrangement of furniture in all rooms optimizing the number of beds,
  • selection of materials to the technical requirements resulting from the classification of the facility,
  • the character of the entire interior along with the selection of wall colors, window decorations, etc.
  • realistic, colorful 3D visualizations of selected rooms.

After determining all the details, we sign a master contract for the production, delivery and assembly of furniture. The prepared study is the property of the Investor.



A modern machine park is a guarantee of the quality of your furniture. It allows us to make longer series of typical furniture as well as furniture with variable dimensions or even single copies.

Our experienced and well-organized team manages the course of all processes that contribute to the efficient and quick implementation of your project. This includes tracking the deliveries of materials and components, controlling production cycles, planning the method and dates of loading, as well as preparing and discussing documentation with the manager of the assembly team.

Furniture transport is carried out with the utmost care for the safety of the entrusted cargo in cooperation with a proven and insured partner in the field of land and sea transport.

Phase 4


During assembly, our team of professionals will ensure quick and trouble-free installation of furniture in accordance with previously approved designs.

Our employees, thanks to the company’s work clothes, are easily recognizable at the assembly site, and they carry out their work with great care for general order. The manager of the assembly team is open to your comments on the course of work. You can always count on his help and full cooperation. He is also entitled to sign the acceptance report after completing the assembly of the equipment.

All work related to the assembly and adaptation of furniture is carried out with the use of professional power tools. Works related to the electrical installation are the responsibility of the Investor.

In addition to standard services related to the delivery of equipment, you can additionally commission us to dismantle your old furniture and refresh the room. It is also possible to service our furniture after the warranty period.


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