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Hotel equipment

Hotel equipment from A to Z

For years, we have specialized in the complex furnishing of hotel interiors. Our offer includes not only furniture, but also textiles, lighting, and even safes, closet hangers, sinks, faucets, dishwashers or guest welcome kits. This gives the customer the opportunity to order all the equipment for the hotel in one place, and thus translates into convenience, time savings, faster implementation of the project and, most importantly, obtaining a consistent arrangement. We provide support at every stage of cooperation, from the preparation of the project to its implementation. We suggest the best solutions, suggest beneficial changes, and at the same time make every effort to ensure that the final result is consistent with the client’s vision.

Aesthetics, Safety, Quality

All the products we offer are carefully selected for compliance with industry standards and flame retardancy. Thanks to this, the interiors created on their basis are not only aesthetic, but also safe. In addition, in-depth knowledge of the industry and extensive networks allow us to select the highest quality products at favorable prices. Despite everything, however, we do not rest on our laurels. Wanting to stay up to date, we are present at all hotel trade shows and other events. In this way, hotels sourcing from us get durable and functional equipment that will serve them for many years.

Coherent arrangement

The premise of probably every hotel owner is to make the guest feel at home. This way he will not only recommend the facility to others, but will himself return to it at every opportunity. That’s why details are so important, such as even the welcome kits, an element that allows you to offer additional value to the guest in a simple and economical way. And although at first glance it may seem like an insignificant trifle, there is no denying that the essence is in the details, and properly selected hotel equipment is just such a detail.

With this in mind, already at the stage of design and implementation, we make sure that the end result is an elegant, cohesive interior. Skillfully manipulating textures, colors and light, we achieve the desired effect of warming the room or emphasizing other elements of it. Thus, it is the hotel furnishings that determine the impression the facility will make on guests.


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