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System Furniture

Made-to-measure hotel furniture

Hotel furniture is the hallmark of any facility, largely determining its reception by guests. All equipment must not only be elegant, original and comfortable, but also, due to intensive use, made precisely from the highest quality materials. From a manufacturer of hotel furniture this requires above-average skills, excellent knowledge of the carpentry market, extensive knowledge of materials and their purpose, and the implementation of modern production technologies. With all this in mind, we base our work on a carefully selected, qualified team and a properly equipped machinery park.  This, combined with flexibility and unique know-how allow us to successfully face any project, and the resulting hotel furniture is a reflection of the style and character of the facility.

Your project, our execution

Our specialty is customized furniture and solutions. We offer flexible adaptation of designs, materials and product dimensions to suit the individual tastes of investors, designers, as well as architects. We treat cooperation with the client as a multi-stage process starting from the establishment of the architectural concept of the object, through the development of interior designs to the presentation of equipment proposals. In the work process, we set ourselves the task of translating the architect’s vision into a unique, durable and, most importantly, functional design. Importantly, for us as a manufacturer of hotel furniture, our work is also a passion and a new challenge every day, and we treat every order, regardless of size, with equal commitment. We specialize in providing comprehensive services for investments. We take measurements, prepare a full arrangement, and provide transportation to the customer along with a comprehensive installation service. All this within the budget agreed at the beginning of cooperation, with attention to every detail and, what is particularly important in this type of project, on time.

An investment for years

We offer catalog hotel furniture, made to measure, created as a modification of units from our collections, as well as made on the basis of customer’s original concepts. Our designs combine style, aesthetics and ergonomics with the latest production techniques and high-end materials. Thanks to this, the equipment we offer will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customer and will play a fundamental role in building the company’s brand.

Last but not least, the hotel furniture we offer is characterized by durability and resistance to intensive use. Thanks to this, they can perform their functions for many years while maintaining an impeccable appearance. Thus, they should be treated as an investment in business development, which will quickly pay off through a growing group of satisfied guests.

Our furniture systems

System meblowy Barato - stylowe rozwiązanie do Twojego wnętrza.


13 June 2023

Meble w stylu Basic - system meblowy


4 October 2022

System meblowy Bom - eleganckie i funkcjonalne rozwiązanie do Twojego wnętrza.


4 October 2022

System meblowy Tim - nowoczesne rozwiązanie do aranżacji wnętrz


4 October 2022

System meblowy Etna - wysokiej jakości meble do Twojego wnętrza


7 August 2022

System meblowy Bold - eleganckie i funkcjonalne rozwiązanie do Twojego wnętrza


6 July 2022

System meblowy Slim - eleganckie i funkcjonalne rozwiązanie do Twojego wnętrza.


2 June 2022

ystem meblowy Maxx - eleganckie i funkcjonalne rozwiązania do Twojego wnętrza.


5 May 2022

System meblowy Labuche - eleganckie i funkcjonalne rozwiązanie do Twojego wnętrza


4 April 2022

System meblowy Deco - eleganckie i funkcjonalne rozwiązania do Twojego wnętrza


23 March 2018


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